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The countdown begins

I confirmed my appointment for tomorrow a few minutes ago and if all goes as planned, I'll no longer be wearing glasses this time tomorrow. I found a decent pair of non-prescription sunglasses today, but I'll be on the lookout for better ones. I'm really used to my prescription sunglasses and am sad to have to give those up, which is funny since I hate my regular glasses.

Today was a walk at the marina and I started at the park up above so I could get the time lapse from a spot I've been wanting to try for a while.

It was a really great day for cloudspotting.


I don't take a lot of panoramas. This one came out neat.


Could all of these squiggly lines on this sign be snail trails? They certainly look like them.


Pretty squares.


I shared this as a square on IG but like the full version better.


Someone in one of the fancy houses is mad at the railroad company.


Here are some old favorite tracks that came on during the walk. I played the second one three times. :D

Today's awesome walk, 6.12 miles in 2:12, 14,034 steps
6.12 miles in 2:12, 14,034 steps

The time lapse came out nice, though I couldn't get as close to the edge of the bluff as I hoped to. The leaves on the tree I put the Podo on also limited how far each direction I could point it.

On my outing to grab new sunglasses, I also picked up some dollar store July 4th decorations and went out for lunch. Then I took my car for a much-needed wash. Here's a hyperlapse of the wash, plus regular-speed footage of the best part.


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