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A few steps ahead of death

Lately my walking spots keep turning up in news stories. A few days after my last trip to Pigeon Creek Beach, a woman's body was found on the trail leading there. A couple of days after that, a construction worker was killed on the job at the housing project by the riverfront trail. And in today's news, a woman found an urn on a beach in Mukilteo. Strange!

Speaking of which, my walk yesterday was at Edgewater Beach, and I didn't take the time to cross over to the Mukilteo side. Could that have been me who found the urn? Hm.

It was a nice little walk and I found a pretty cool spot for the camera along the railroad tracks. The station looked good in the morning light.


Wonderfully ominous sky.


Not a lot of flowers to see that I hadn't already, but this one was cool.


Today's awesome walk, 4.79 miles in 1:46, 11,134 steps
4.79 miles in 1:46, 11,134 steps

I decided during the walk to finally take a really good look at the rendering for the new ferry terminal and compare it to the satellite photos. I'm sad to report that almost the whole place is going away. The beach will still be pretty big, and they'll add a new fishing pier, so it'll be a nice place, but not really a great place for a walk. I'll probably still pop by once in a while as part of a larger route, but it won't be the same. I definitely agree it needs to be done, though. It's the state's busiest ferry route and the facility they have for it just isn't adequate. Oh well.

The time lapse is mellow and pleasant.

The walk is obviously not yesterday's big news. I also got LASIK! It's not a pleasant procedure, but it's nowhere near as bad as I pictured. The worst part was coming home and taking a nap while it felt like my eyes were filled with sand. Tears poured out, and my nose ran, competing against the CPAP. But after a couple of hours, I got up and felt a lot better. Today I can see pretty much as well with my own eyes as I could with glasses, and my eyes feel pretty much like I just woke up and am trying to read too much on a computer screen. Not bad at all.

I was a little bummed because I really like my prescription sunglasses, but then I realized I could just get on Zenni's site and reorder them with no prescription in the lenses. They won't be polarized, but they'll still be nice. When they get here, which always takes forever.

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