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"Let's make a burrito!"

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A few quiet days ahead
575 CPO
After my lasik, they warned me not to go swimming for at least a week, and to avoid getting sweaty because it's an easy way for bacteria to make their way into my healing corneas. So, no pool or walking until at least Thursday, though if I want to be extremely cautious, I'll wait until after my second post-op appointment Friday. It was really weird getting up this morning and staying in.

Today's been nice, though. We went to the dollar store for cheap stuff for our July 4th party, then to our neighborhood bar for breakfast. They now open at 9am on Sundays. They always do that during football season, but now they're giving it another shot the rest of the time. I hope it goes well for them, they've done it before and stopped when it was too quiet.

After that, we got more groceries for Tuesday, then started working on setting up outside. It's a croquet party, and we have to put up a temporary fence in the back of the yard so the balls won't roll down the hill and disappear forever into the vines and branches up above the yard behind us. We also put up a canopy, and hung some decorations. During all that, I finally got to meet our newish neighbors. Garrett previously met the husband, but now we've both met everyone. Nice people, and the husband is going to come take measurements to give us an estimate for a bathroom remodel we want to do.

My eyes are doing great. Tonight's the last night I have to tape the stupid eye guards to my face before bed, and I'm very used all the eye drops. Except for when they seep down into my throat and I can taste them, that's still just as gross as ever. It's really strange to keep being careful not to bump my glasses or reach over to push them up my nose, only to have them not be there. I suppose that'll take a long time to get truly used to.

A few days ago when I was taking the garbage out I noticed that the end of our street was looking very picturesque. This looks like a park or something, but it's just the view from the bottom of our driveway. I was thinking today about how much I love it here when I was talking to the new neighbors about how they're liking it.


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Let us know how your vision is, okay?

I cannot have Lasik done, myself, so I am very curious as to how others experience it.

It's already great! Right now it's as good as having my glasses on was. My eyes just feel tired, which is surprising considering all that was done.

I'm really glad that the surgery worked and you are finding it has made such a positive difference!

What are "eye guards"?!?

A croquette party sounds fun!

You know cups like dudes wear for baseball? Those, but smaller, and clear, to tape over your eyes so you don't bump them. Pain in the ass.

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