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575 timehops

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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575 CPO
I remembered after I posted yesterday that Garrett took a couple of photos of Nancy wearing the shirt I gave her and me in the alternate, on her phone. I messaged her and she replied in about ten seconds with both!


That's her mom in the background.

I think a lot about how far things have come with personal electronics and social media. It used to be quite an ordeal to take a photo, wait until you used up the rest of the roll, have it developed, scan it, use something non-intuitive like FTP to get it from your computer to your account, use a command to copy it to a directory, write a web page, revise your original page to have a link, and then sit back and wait while nobody ever saw it.

I don't think a lot of people realize how much of a leap the blog format really was. When you wanted to share stuff before, you had to come up with a directory structure and hope your friends would recognize the differences between visits. Or you could use a stupid *New!* tag.

The only drawback is that everything is presented backwards now, but at least you can scroll back and read them in the right order if you want. We're all used to that, and Facebook and Instagram are really screwing up with their stupid sorting. I can't tell you how many times I've seen pictures on IG that make no sense because someone's telling a story with them but I only see photo 2 of 5 in my timeline. Really dumb. I used to be able to keep up with everyone's Instagram completely, every day. Now, I barely even try, except for on their Stories, which I never miss. Maybe that's the end goal?

Speaking of which, I really enjoy the story format that Snapchat invented. It's a lot of fun to fool around with an ephemeral format. Would I sing a silly song on a video that'll be around until I think to delete it? Probably not! But one that'll be around for a day that a dozen friends will watch, why not?


Tomorrow's the one-week LASIK post-op appointment and hopefully the doctor will clear me for regular activity. Sitting around every morning has been aggravating. Even cleaning up the party stuff outside yesterday had me worrying once I started to get warm.

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I never quite understand Facebook's timelines. If I do nothing I get a load of posts, but if I say I'd like to see them in time order I still get a few out of order, but a whole load of new things come up. I know that FB is sorting things for me, but tbh I wish they'd work it like Twitter when it remembers the last time you looked at the mobile site, and takes you back to that so that you can read in chronological order.

Mind you, I dislike most of FB and try to avoid it, but it's convenient as my dance group has a private group which makes it easier to contact people and organise things.

If I could just have everyone's posts in chronological order on FB, I'd be happy. I could easily keep up. I know they think they're doing me a favor by only showing me a few posts from the people who post a lot, but I'd rather see how much they truly do, and make the decision myself to just unfollow if I get tired of their firehose.

I totally agree, I almost totally ignore Instagram now and I used to love it. I see posts at the top of my feed that are 5 days old, and it's stupid.
Snapchat is much more fun than I ever expected it to be, but I only have about 15 people on mine who ever use it. I guess more than that would be hard to keep up with.

I find Instagram mostly useful for getting photos to other places, it's nice to be able to send something to FB or Tumblr while still letting it have its IG audience. I'm so mad they took away the flickr link, but it's fine. I can just upload from the IG folder on my phone later.

Snapchat is hella fun. And then if I want to save something from it to share other places, that's easy too!

So dumb that Instagram stole their thunder by flat out copying them. I don't have time for all those stories.

Also dumb that Facebook added stories, and added stories on their messenger. Stories everywhere!

Nobody is using the FB one. Haha.

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