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Friday morning was my one-week LASIK followup, and the results are pretty great. My vision was originally 20/50 in one eye and 20/60 in the other, and they're now 20/20 and 20/25. I was also instructed to discontinue the medicated eye drops and just use moisturizing ones as needed. And I'm allowed to exercise again! I briefly thought about going to the pool for the afternoon session, but school's out now and I wasn't really in the mood to share with the kids. So I relaxed for a few hours while I waited to hear from Garrett.

The fly-in started Friday, which if you haven't read about it here, is a three-day air show he volunteers for each year. He's in charge of the IT. The plan was for me to join him up there for the evening and we'd spend the night at a hotel nearby. But he's been sick, and he accidentally booked a single room. So I was waiting to hear if he was feeling better, and if he managed to get a room with two beds. Yes, and yes! So I got my stuff ready and drove up. Took a while to get up past Marysville, but the last part of the drive wasn't so bad. I haven't been getting many Honey Bucket selfies for their contest this year, but I figured one with a plane in the background would be interesting.


We had a nice dinner from a food truck that was there that I've heard of before, Stick It or Stuff It. Definitely could have ordered the small loaded tater tots.


The sky was really nice during the air show and I really wish I brought the Podo for a time lapse.


I'm not good at sleeping in, and unfortunately was awake just after 4:00 on Saturday. Garrett was nowhere near ready to get up for breakfast and I was too sore from the bed to even think about laying around for a couple of hours, so I got up and came back home. The cats were happy to see me and be fed while the coffee brewed, and as soon as I had a cup, I went down to the tank farm for my first walk in over a week.


It's shocking how much busier it is down there on the weekend. So many people with boats or scuba gear or fishing poles. I didn't start walking until 6:00, which didn't help. Thankfully I wasn't really determined to stay for long, I just wanted to warm up for today a bit.

Pretty squares.


I didn't bother taking a screenshot of the map. I only did 2.5 miles or so, one lap across the two beach areas. It's weird to see so many people in the time lapse.

I've been really wanting a mani-pedi for a while, but had to wait because of all the tattooing on my feet. They're healed nicely now, so I stopped by a neighborhood shop to do it. Funnily enough, she accidentally keyed in the price including the last four digits of my card, so the total was over $400,000. That was instantly declined and triggered a fraud notice, which I was able to clear up pretty quickly once I got home. My feet and hands feel so much better now.


The boys were very cute while I was watching movies.


Today I was up and out at the normal time and set the Podo up the spot I like by the overpass.


I parked the car and headed the same way I always do, and was surprised along the way by even more mosquitoes than I saw last time. It was absolutely ridiculous. You know it's bad when you keep having sunrise photos ruined because tons of mosquitoes are in the way. Thankfully I remembered to wear bug spray and only ended up with a few bites. Here's a video to give you an idea what it was like.

During that bug storm I decided I'd take a few weeks off from there and concentrate on the gulf for a while. Since I knew it'd be a while before I came back, I checked out the path they've been clearing for the new salmon habitat from the South end. It was fun, but there's a lot of really loosely-packed dirt and I got filthy. Enough dirt made its way into my shoes that I had to scrub my feet with a brush in the shower to get it to come off. Everything went straight into the wash. Nice skies, though!


Pretty squares.


Today's awesome walk, 6.89 miles in 2:28, 15,751 steps
6.89 miles in 2:28, 15,751 steps

For a while I was worried there wouldn't be much to see in the time lapse, and you can see it starts out a little slow. After that slow start, though, it ended up being one of the more magical ones I've captured.


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