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A dollar a minute

It was so nice to head back to the pool for my first swim in almost a month this morning, but I was a bit delayed by the Podo getting there. The first issue was my flexible tripod breaking. First one leg snapped off, then another. I couldn't get it to stay in place with the remaining leg, so I unscrewed the waterproof case and positioned it on the ground. Then there was the connection. Ever since they updated with software recently, it loses the Bluetooth connection to the phone quite easily. Frustrating enough for setting up a time lapse, I can only imagine if I was trying to use it as a photobooth. I left the case pointing upward toward the sky and went on into the swim center.

Speaking of which, check out this awesome sketch of it from the Sketchy Everett feature on Live in Everett. You can click the photo to get to the post page.

Sketchy Everett is drawn by Elizabeth Pearson, who has a lot of great stuff on her Etsy.

I saw a few people I didn't recognize at the pool, including a guy who came in right when I did and then left the pool five minutes after getting in. I've seen a lot of people stay 15 or 20 minutes, but just five must be a new record.

Unfortunately, I don't have a time lapse for you because the Podo was gone when I got back. Some random person could have picked it up and taken it, but it was more likely a parks worker. I say that because all the trash nearby was also gone. So they either kept it, turned it in, or tossed it along with the rest of the garbage. Bummer. I had an appointment with my primary care physician today, so after that I went back to the park to see if they had the Podo in the lost and found at the parks office. They didn't, so they called the maintenance department, who also hadn't heard anything yet. They took my number in case it turns up.

I ordered a replacement Podo and waterproof case today while there's still pre-sale pricing on the camera. Too bad the case is no longer on sale. I've wished I had two Podos, so if the original turns up, I won't be mad.

I highly doubt it would have gone missing if I'd listened to myself right when the tripod broke. I figured it'd be safer over behind the swim center and definitely should have left it somewhere back there.

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