christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Mellow Midweek

Not much to report about the pool today, other than that I had to keep mostly to one spot and very aware of my surroundings because the deep end was pretty crowded. A while back, I realized it's easiest if I just stay in the center since there's almost always 1-2 people doing laps around the outer edge. I prefer the Northwest corner because it's near a window, but feeling in the way every time someone comes around gets annoying. So the center will do. Today, though, two people were going back and forth across the pool on either side of me, oftentimes in a backstroke.

The lanes were really crowded, too. Lots of new swimmers making me glad I don't use that side of the pool.

One thing I noticed on Monday was that a lot of kids were showing up as I was getting ready to leave. I figured it was a scheduled program, and confirmed that on the schedule today. Seems a little odd that they'd schedule a kids' program at 7:30am during the summer, but then again, I haven't looked at what else is on the docket.

My CHECK ENGINE light came on yesterday so I went back to the auto shop today. A part's on the way and it'll be installed Friday, plus they replaced my radiator cap, which will hopefully fix the weird gurgle sound that happens after I've driven for a while. I probably should have addressed that one sooner.

Here are some recent photos of the boys.





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