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Old place, new sights

It's Thursday, so of course I went straight down to the tank farm. I did it a little differently today, with the Mukilteo Beach side first. It's better that way, because only one trip across the train station area is needed.

Ever go to the same place over and over and notice something that doesn't seem familiar? I can't say for sure I ever saw this rock. But I also wouldn't be shocked to find it on one of my older pictures.


It's unusual to see a heron calmly hang around when you're close enough for a photo. That happened twice today.


Later on, over at the shipping pier, I saw one underneath and tried to get close enough for a photo. It took off before I could, and I finally decided to walk underneath the pier to see the other side. There's not much more beach over there.


Suddenly people are showing up in boats when I'm down there. One guy was setting up a really small inflatable one, plus cages I assume were for crabbing.


The clouds did some interesting stuff, but only for a few minutes.


There are a couple of abandoned buildings there that I've always been too scared to go into. But I figured since the whole area's being redeveloped soon, I'd at least peek in the open doors.


Pretty squares.


Today's awesome walk, 6.06 miles in 2:10, 13,812 steps
6.06 miles in 2:10, 13,812 steps

During the walk, I realized that my lower back pain has returned to enough of a degree that it's starting to impact me emotionally. I was starting to develop a really bad attitude about some relatively minor stuff, so I'm adding yoga back into the routine. Today I did the Adriene's 20-minute yoga for your back video I like a lot right before lunch, and think I'll try to do it every weekday. She has some other back-centric ones I'll throw in the mix, too.

I thought about going to the department of licensing today to take the vision test and have the restriction removed from my license. I'm getting a haircut tomorrow, though, so it'd be dumb to do it before that. They'll probably take a new photo, so why get one with shaggy hair?

The plan was actually to try to go a couple of extra weeks before the next haircut, just to see how long I could stand to go. I have a meeting on campus next week, though, and would rather look nice.


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