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Where I left off

Right after I hit Post on Thursday, I realized I forgot to add this photo.

Air plant doing great!

That's a plant I gave away over a year ago, as a prize at our July 4th 2016 party. Garrett's ex-boss took it home. She recently sent me the picture to show how it's doing, and I'm amazed! That's a bulbosa, and I've never had one last that long. Of course, I might have if I hadn't sold them. Speaking of which, someone ordered an item with one off my Etsy today, and I only had two which were my own, so that lucky customer's getting one of my favorites.

Friday morning I went down to the river, and as I got started, I got to thinking about the fact that there's really no point in sharing the screenshots of the maps any more. I have six regular places to walk and the routes became repetitive a while ago, so from now on, I'll just stick to the photos and videos unless there's some compelling reason to share. If anyone's interested in keeping up with the routes, feel free to friend me on MapMyRun. I'm about to hit 5,000 miles on there, and I'm surprised it took me this long to finally decide to stop getting the screenshots.

Changes are certainly happening down at the river. There was a big cleanup event down there recently, and the new neighborhood is filling in enough that you can see it from new places.


There was a nice bit of fog across the river that would make its way across later on.


Pretty squares.


I caught up to that fog at the far end of the trail, where the new park will eventually be.


There's a huge hill there for now, and it's got some metal poles in it which make a good impromptu spot to hold a phone and make a quick hyperlapse.


I finally took a closer look at the big thing by the water. Some sort of crane? No idea.


The new townhouses over there are going up quickly.


Loved the quiet, misty river back near where I parked.


I've crossed the bridge into the park so many times, but can't remember its shadow looking so perfect before.


Oh yeah, Friday was my birthday! I got a haircut, had my car worked on, and had a nice lunch at one of my favorite restaurants near the auto shop. Then I had a very nice evening at home with Garrett. And he gave me a bubble machine for my birthday! We talked about how nice it would be to have one next time we have an outdoor party, and he managed to have one arrive just in time, a few days later.

Yesterday I was supposed to walk across town to a Fly-in meeting Garrett was driving to, join them for the social part after, then drive us home in Garrett's car. On the way, I was going to find some of the vintage typerwriters downtown and earn of the free pins. Unfortunately, the meeting was canceled due to a medical emergency, so we had another nice evening here.

This morning was a really amazing walk at Japanese Gulch. Best in a while. Almost as soon as I got there, an owl swooped right above my head and took a spot on a branch up the trail a bit. Another joined it, and they kept swooping past me for a while, probably until they decided I was far enough past their nest. I managed to get a couple of really cool videos.


I previously thought this view across the gulch had changed a lot more than it has. Turns out I was standing further North when I thought that.


IRL emoji.


Lately I've been checking out the fringes of the spots I'm familiar with, areas that look kind of off limits, but aren't actually marked as such. Today's spot was the runway lights area, which was cool to see up close. Too bad a plane didn't come in while I was there.


For the first time in ages, I took a couple of streets from the South entrance to get over to the Southwest one that I hadn't been on in a while. Got to see some good junk along the way, and found out that a huge building that was recently completed is a church! It looks like some sort of industrial company, that was a surprise.


I also left via the residential streets, mainly because I missed the fork in the trail I meant to take, and didn't feel like going back the way I came when I finally realized that. I love this mirror on one of those streets that's particularly curvy.


The views from that neighborhood are quite nice.


And there's endless beautiful landscaping.


We went out for a very nice breakfast at our neighborhood join. I had the sirloin, rare, and it was perfect. Now we're watching Hidden Figures, which we chose because it was the outdoor movie at the Fly-in last Friday night, but we didn't stay to watch. We just can't stay up late enough for an outdoor movie that starts after 10pm, and we also didn't think to bring anything warm to wear. It's a really great movie and we're not even to the end yet.

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