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Low tide love
575 CPO
When I got down to the beach this morning, I saw that the tide was really low, so I headed South along the beach even though a nice sunrise was starting in the opposite direction.


Lots more on flickr, as is often the case.


I know for sure this is the lowest tide I've seen on that beach, because I made it much further than ever before. Far enough that I could have walked right up to the homes on Naketa Beach, which I'm familiar with from Zillow but had never actually seen until today. Those houses are wild, because there's no access to them by car. They have to park on the other side of the railroad tracks and follow a footpath to the beach.


I found the biggest piece of beach glass I've ever seen.


It's funny to picture this huge tree trunk being brought in by the tides and then left behind when they receded.


This rock matches my shoes.


Here's the fishing pier by the ferry terminal that I recently discovered. I went on it today and ended up closer to a heron than I've ever been before.


Because the water was so low, I also got to go under the ferry terminal for the first time, which was really cool. I saw starfishes in the water and some that were a few feet above it on the pillars!


Too bad it was so sunny by that point. Another cool thing I was able to do was go much further than normal at Edgewater Beach. I've taken so many photos and videos from the other side of this fence, it was neat to be down below for the first time.


Pretty squares.


This evening, we'll have dinner at the neighborhood joint and do Naughty Bingo for my birthday. It's every Tuesday so even though my birthday was several days ago, the celebration continues.

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That bird in the last little square - is it a woodpecker of some sort?

Yeah, never seen one like that in person!

Are those houses occupied all the time or are they vacation homes? I can't think it would be practical to have to park a way from your house with groceries to carry.

No clue. Maybe sometime on the way to a walk I should drive over to where the parking is and see how many cars are there. :)

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