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A post about stuff

Not about, like, stuff happening, but things. Items.

Early this year when my friend Barbara who passed away in March was getting her affairs in order, she asked me to pick a print from her art collection if I wanted one. I always really liked this one, and it's even more special to me because she said it made her think of herself as a kid. This is Summer Afternoon by Tadashi Nakayama, whose early work often featured his daughter as the model. He moved on to horses as his muses later in life.


Barbara's estate is finally in order and her ex-husband's sister dropped it off yesterday. Please pardon the garage setting. Hopefully we'll find a really nice spot for it upstairs soon.

Another thing that arrived yesterday is my replacement Podo camera and waterproof case!


I can't help but look at the protective film on the case and be reminded of my LASIK. The camera's charging now, and when it's ready, I'll set it up and paint over the lights. Though that's not as necessary these days because it's already so bright when I head out in the morning. No sense in waiting, though.

Something I've had on hand for a while now but just unveiled today is this lovely swimsuit.

My new swimsuit is hella '90s

I love the pattern, it's so '90s. And I already have another one just like it, plus two more of the other colored pattern one I had a while back, and I think even a new black one, all still in the packages. A while back, I noticed that the price of these swimsuits went way down, so I stocked up in case it was a closeout. I think each one was $4 or so, a total steal.

Today's swim was nice. And I'm glad I mentioned it because I forgot to enter it in MapMyRun. Never got around to yoga today, though, because I had a meeting on campus, so was gone for a good chunk of the day.

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