christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

The triumphant return

Had to stay in due to the timing of a couple of calls today, but I still managed to do yoga and get two nice time lapses!

It was so nice to see a lot of clouds out this morning after a few annoyingly clear and sunny days. I looked around in the back yard for a spot for the Podo, and realized I could get a nice angle if I leaned a broom that's out there against a post. The clouds were low and moving fast, so even though this is processed at the rate I almost always use, it looks really fast.

It'd been a while since I saw Dale, who I met through Barbara, and he took me out for lunch today. We chose Arnie's because it was her favorite restaurant, plus it's easy for him to get to when he crosses over on the ferry. That ferry was delayed, and while I was looking around for spots to leave the Podo, I was surprised to hear my name. Up above me on the deck at a salon was Garrett's cousin Becky, her hair full of foils. She was actually in a chair facing the other direction, and spotted me in the mirror! We chatted for a few minutes and then I put the Podo on the fence, the same spot I've used before.

That one turned out so nice! And we had an excellent time at lunch.

I got a few things done today, including adding a second hook for this plant that's reaching out from beyond the vertical garden. I wanted it higher, but couldn't reach beyond that spot.



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