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575 timehops

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Got one
575 CPO
There's a spot by the river I found a while ago that's really great for leaving the Podo. There's a barrier made from tree trunks plunged into the shore, and many of them are hollow at the top, forming a little bowl. So while there's nowhere to wrap the tripod arms, that's fine, because I can just set it down. The river's pretty calm there, and the reflections are great. But the skies have always been so clear on the days I've been there, so I haven't gotten the video I wanted.

I took this (flipped) photo right after I got the camera in place. I love when there's just enough light that it's easy to set up.


One cool thing about that spot is that there's often fog on the farmland across the river. It's so cool when it creeps out onto the water.


I walked over to the exit from the boat launch for the first time and the view there was neat.


This view of the neighborhood is always nice.


X and X.


Sunrises and fog go so well together.


Nice cloud action, too.


This snail was quite the climber.


Pretty squares.


One of the new things people are doing all over the place is painting rocks and leaving them for people to find. I grabbed one a while back that had cats painted on it. I see them once in a while and most of them aren't that interesting, but this one's cool. I saw it staring up from the trail. Wonder if anyone else saw it yesterday.


A little Snapchat humor.


And here's the time lapse. I just love the reflections.

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Nice clouds. How often does the Podo take a shot? I've set up my camera to take time lapse but it's quite a jerky result so I think I'm setting the interval too long.

You can choose the rate, for these I do one every five seconds, which is the fastest. The Podo's battery only lasts about 90 minutes at that rate, which is perfect because my walks are usually about two hours.

Right now I've got the camera on the rail of our stairs out front taking one every 45 seconds to try to get the full day. We'll see what happens!

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