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Another goal achieved
575 CPO
Had a nice walk with lisaloopner this morning, but I'm posting about it tomorrow. It'll make sense why when the time comes. The rest of the day was nice.

Today's Bev's birthday, so we went over to celebrate hers and mine together. Steaks from the grill with nice sides, plus two different ice cream cakes. Good stuff.

Me and Bev, 43 and 71 this month

Bella says hi.

Hi Bella
Coy Bella

I've always thought it'd be so cool to make a time lapse while we play games, but never remembered to bring the Podo. I finally remembered today! It came out cool. Wish the light was off so there wasn't so much glare on the Trouble board.

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LOL! Love the speeded up gaming :)

Fun video! I was hoping the podo would work indoors so I can set it up to spy on the cats!

I can't seem to figure out the programming though. We'll chat soon.

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