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Wednesday rolls in
575 CPO
I was a little bummed when I pulled out of the garage and saw very clear skies to the East, but figured since I was planning on walking at the marina anyway, the bluff would at least provide some shade. But then I saw some puffy clouds to the North, and when I parked the car, there was a huge one moving in from the West.



Obviously you need some horsepower if you're launching a boat, but it's still strange to me how similar all these trucks look to each other. Maybe I just don't appreciate the finer points of trucks.


Lots of birds to see everywhere today.


Sealed with a kiss.


If I had a boat.


Pretty squares.


I really like this spot for time lapses, the only disadvantage is that it's a tree, and you can see a little movement.

Here's a closer look at the plant and its plume. It's funny that it looks so small, in real life those plumes tower over everything.

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Great photos and vids! I love the bird pic! Hitchcock, anyone? ;)

The scene with the crows on the monkey bars in The Birds is one of my favorite movie scenes ever.

That's a really cool seal.

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