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My perfect summer weather
575 CPO
After so many very clear and warm days, it was a nice surprise to find it so cool and cloudy out this morning. We always get some nice days like that in May and June, but it seems a little late in the season for it. I'll take it, though.

Found a nice spot on a hockey goal to leave the Podo. The cloud cover makes the video pretty subtle.

There weren't any super nice flowers of this type around, but I loved the color so I had to get a photo anyway.


The pool was probably the emptiest I've ever seen it. And a guy in the locker room was leaving as I arrived! I got in the pool 20 minutes after it opened, so he might have stayed longer than the 5-minute guy, but not by much.

Had a very nice lunch, but won't talk about it now because it was for an article. I've decided it's easier to say "article" than "Live in Everett blog post."


I could have done even more stops today, but decided to do some on Monday instead. I ate out a lot this week.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that today's swim soundtrack was Lip Locked 298, and I really liked this track from it.

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What timer settings did you use for that video? I've done a few tests and the camera works well but I haven't made a video yet because all the pictures come out the same - no wind or clouds. :(

I almost always use the time lapse setting at 5-second intervals, which is the fastest setting. I typically end up with about 1,350 photos to make the video from.

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