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575 timehops

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Up close and personal
575 CPO
Right now it's actually Sunday, but I'm writing this for Monday, and it's about Friday. I've got a lot to do Monday and am not planning to even take a walk. And I haven't written about Friday's yet. Two birds, one stone.

A few days ago I decided Friday would finally be the day I put the Podo on the fishing pier that's right by the ferry. It was really nice out.


The views from that fishing pier are really cool. I love the new perspective on an area I'm very familiar with.


Those clouds were slow-moving so they're in a lot of photos, and the entire time lapse.


I love this spot.


As nice as the time lapse came out, I ended up wishing it was facing another direction.


I've been calling this one "Jupiter Station."




My mp3 player battery died, and I decided since I wasn't listening to music anyway, I may as well finally take a good look at that abandoned building. I bet it was neat when it was in use.


I was surprised how many people were fishing and crabbing at the pier where I left the camera. Glad nobody moved it.


Pretty squares.


This is a fun one. It's funny how something as massive as a ferry seems so twee in this format.

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I love how the podo got some birds in the video.

I've experimented with putting it in my bedroom window, and sometimes it only takes one photo for some reason. Yesterday I had it take 250 pics a minute apart, which worked fine, but all the photos were exactly the same. I haven't made anything into a video yet.

I think today I'll set it outside on the balcony. Unfortunately it's going to be clear & sunny & hot for the next 10+ days.

Clear days are the worst, not just for time lapses but also for living.

So true! I haven't seen a cloud in weeks!

No walk today! I'm shocked!! ;)

I really like those colourful drawers in that building - tantalisingly too small to read the labels - what was it used for?

I'm not sure, but the next building nearby that's still in use is a fisheries science research center. So, probably some sort of government research facility related to the water it's next to.

I love the drawers, too.

And yeah, it's super weird not to have walked this morning. And my friend just canceled our lunch plans, which were the reason I decided not to walk, thinking I could do one or the other, but not both. Oh well!

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