christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Square day

I had such a nice time this morning out at the marina. The sky was really clear, so rather than dwell too much on what I wasn't seeing in the sky, I took the opportunity in the extra light to take a better look at stuff all around me.

Of course, my attitude would be different if I was out at noon instead of sunrise, that's for sure. It was still nice and cool out.

This flipped one is the only one I didn't save in the square format.


Here are the rest.


There were so many ducks, geese, and herons around. Many cool encounters.

Today's the first day in years that I've heard a dial tone in person.

After watching this time lapse, I finally realized I should point the camera down so more of the water shows if it's a really clear morning.

I spent a lot of time during this walk thinking about how great it really is to live here. It's on the water, but not outrageously expensive, or a tourist trap, or too small. I can get to tons of great walking spots in ten minutes, and have an awesome pool a few blocks away. Plus it's in the middle of a bunch of other cool places. Not a lot of cities have so many other ones on their border as we do: Marysville, Snohomish, Mill Creek, Lynnwood, and Mukilteo. I'm really glad Garrett was born here, because I doubt Everett would have been on my radar at all otherwise.

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