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The new Jan Brady

Recently I figured if I could leave my Podo on the boat launch at the river, it'd make for a good video because there's more water there than where I normally leave it. I hadn't looked very closely at the launch, though.

This was the sort of view I hoped for.


Obviously it would be different because the Podo has a wide-angle lens, but you get the idea. But I saw when I got there that there wasn't anywhere to hang the Podo high enough. The only poles are the ones that go all the way through into the riverbed, and they're far too wide. The boat tie would have made for a nice video, but of course if someone came along to launch a boat, they'd need it. So I left on the back edge of the bottom of the platform and hoped for the best.

A quick lap around the parking lot was nice because the skies here are very smoky right now, which made for a very eerie scene.


When I got to my normal spot, I really wished I'd left the Podo there. There was one layer of fog on the water, and another thick one on the farmland on the other side. This is from a bit further north, but you get the idea. I have no idea why the fog looks a little glitchy here but the thing floating in the water doesn't.

Fog's the best. It was a little hard to keep walking rather than just stand around and watch it.


There's lots more houses to be built down there, but this might be the last one they'll put up along the trail.


I've seen several cows down there across the river, but can never get a good photo. The contrast today make for a great one, though.


The sun rose while I was up North, so the walk back was very different from the walk out.


When I got there, I wondered why a van was in the gravel parking lot before the park was even open. On the way to the car, I saw why.


Pretty squares.


I'm told this is a recent satellite photo of the area. Now, in the middle of the afternoon, I can't even see a few blocks away from the house.

There was a guy fishing when I got back to the boat launch, standing right in front of the camera. It seemed like he didn't even notice it, and he was apologetic. I told him not to worry about it and said the battery was probably dead by the time he got there. That turned out not to be true.

Today I did something I decided I'd do months ago, which is get a much more drastic version of my haircut once the weather turned hot. This'll take a little getting used to.



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