christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Smoke gets in your eyes

Despite the terrible air quality, I figured I should get out for a bit, and that maybe a typical tank farm Thursday would be the best choice because the air by the water should be less smoky. I don't know if that's really true, but I always heard from people who were there that when pollution was really bad in Los Angeles back in the day, there was at least a little relief if you were at the ocean. Plus it seemed like it'd be a dramatic spot to see the sunrise.

Today was the second time I went to set up the Podo and realized the pad that holds it in place inside the case had fallen out. It's really necessary because if it's not pushed all the way against the plastic, you can see a reflection from its lights, even though I've painted over them with black nail polish. So I took it out and balanced it on a rock, and left the case next to it so there'd still be a sign saying a time lapse was in progress.


Strange debris on the beach. The biggest I've seen since that boat was there.


I was starting to think I'd never see the sun, when all of a sudden, there it was!


Pretty squares.


More of a water time lapse than a sky one. And you can see me in it toward the end.

I figured I'd do a hyperlapse of the drive home since the sun would look neat in it. The car phone mount is in the corner of the windshield and the dashcam software uses the wide-angle lens, so the small streaks in the corner look huge.

I had a productive day. The normal weekly chores, plus I had to get hardware for my closet doors. They've been in the open positions for ages, and I stole their hardware to use on the ones in my office. Well, twice now, Sam has decided to pee on the dirty clothes in my closet, so those doors need to stay closed for a while. I can't be too mad, though. He's an old cat and if he's gonna pee and poop outside the box sometimes, I'm glad he chooses places that are easy to clean up.


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