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Access denied

I saw last time I was over there that the salmon habitat project seems to be much bigger than I originally thought, and proceeding at a rapid pace. But I wasn't expecting to suddenly find the road to the area blocked off today.


I suppose the timing's good, though. I'd already done the island loop, and was 3.3 miles into the walk when I got to that barrier and had to turn back. That led to 4.5 miles total, which was about right because the smoke was getting to me.

Not that I couldn't have just walked right past the signs, but I'm not going to. When I first contacted the parks department about that area, the only thing they said not to do is walk past construction signs, so I won't. Hopefully they'll reopen that road soon. The island loop was full of mosquitoes and annoyingly overgrown, so cutting that out and the Northern portion takes out my two favorite parts of the park.

The time lapse didn't work out. The sky was just flat and the sunrise (such as it was) was out of frame. I didn't even bother saving it. It was still a decent day for bird videos and pretty pictures.




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