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575 timehops

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Where is everyone?
575 CPO
I was really surprised when I pulled up to the swim center to find there were only three cars there. That's enough for just the employees on duty as there are two active lifeguards and one at the front desk when I go. Two guys came while I was showering, and two were already in the pool. Just five swimmers for most of the time and I think it was never above seven, and I had the deep end basically to myself. Pretty great.

Looking at the sky, I could tell there was no point in setting up a real attempt at a time lapse where there's a view, so I just put the camera on my steering wheel and went in. I was surprised later to see the sun pop up in the small gap in the trees.

After many years of the four-at-a-time Netflix plan (down from eight back in the day!) I'm finally so caught up on my Netflix DVD queue that it was pointless to keep it. I've switched to two at a time, and currently only have one DVD actually out. maxauburn posted a scene from One Crazy Summer yesterday, and that left me wanting to watch the commentary track. It's a good one. The other two movies that are available are "very long wait" so we'll see how long that takes. My "saved" section (the ones that aren't available on DVD or their streaming service) is huge. I'll take some time later to browse their DVD offerings, it might even be time to take it down to one at a time.

The streaming Netflix service is still great. I'm currently binge watching their original series 13 Reasons Why, which is so much better than the descriptions make it seem. lisaloopner recommended it and I started it yesterday. I'm already almost done with episode 6.

Forgot to mention yesterday that my latest for Live in Everett was posted. The response on Facebook has been interesting, people really did love China Doll.

I casually outed myself in that post. I figured it was time. While I was writing it, the first two words in the most recent post were "My wife..." and that removed all doubt that I should mention Garrett.

Word on the street is that the smoke may start lifting tomorrow. That's Seattle news, though, so we'll see what happens.

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When I moved to Portland, I went down to 2 DVDs at a time...or maybe it was right before moving? I still enjoy getting them in the mail, but they have so many TV series and originals that I love, and I finally have the app the works through the TV so that rocks. I still need to start the newest Orange is the New Black, and House of Cards (which I watch with AJ).

Maybe everyone is on vacation. It's very quiet where I live too - nice though as being in the suburbs the roads are usually very busy, and it's great taking less time to get everywhere. :)

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