christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Dark? Already?

I originally planned on a swim this morning, but yesterday's time lapse gave me an idea for another one, so I went down to the marina.


Good choice. It was super nice down there today.


I need to play with wide-angle panoramas more. I can see lots of errors in this, but it's dark enough that they're not noticeable at first glance.


Regular vs wide angle photo of the same spot.


I love wide-angle shots but I wish they had a version that doesn't make the edges of the ground curl up.


The last part of the sunrise was quite dramatic even though it wasn't colorful.


Pretty squares.


I saw my first otter there! I've only seen one other one, scurrying across the walking path at the tank farm. Please note, there are two videos, hover over to get the arrow to switch to the other.

The stairs on the back of the yacht club are a great spot for time lapses! I'll have to do a bunch more there before the building's torn down. I might have composed this a little differently if I could see, but it was too dark when I got there.


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