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Today might be a record with five conference calls. I've done four so far, and thankfully my involvement in the final call should be short. The first one was pretty early, but not so early that I couldn't get a nice swim in.

There was a neat sunrise this morning but the center of the sky was clear. I left the Podo on the back fence of the swim center and am happy to see a few clouds showed up.

There were some swimmers I didn't really recognize this morning, but they were all in the lanes, and were all gone by the time I left. I even had the entire pool to myself for the last ten minutes or so!

I was really surprised when I went to the mailbox earlier that the sky was mostly full of a very interesting, thin layer of clouds. I ran back in for the Podo and let it do its thing. last third or so was a clear sky so I edited that out.

And here's a video from a car wash yesterday. It was my first time at a Brown Bear, and it wasn't nearly as fun as the one I normally go to. What can I say? I like my car wash with rainbow lights. I certainly don't need the attendants to be forced to dress like missionaries.

When I was a kid in Albuquerque, we went to Octopus Car Wash, where you'd get out of the car and could watch through windows from the hallway, and at each step, animatronic animals worked on it. I clearly remember monkeys wiping the car down, and I think an elephant blew it dry.


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