christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Time to get some practice in

My goal for today was to find a new spot on the river for today's time lapse, while keeping an eye out for more options. Later on I realized what I should be doing is getting ready for the eclipse.

The moon was pretty, and this is one of the best pictures I've managed to get of it. The one with the crane from a while back is probably my favorite, though.


The sky was a bit subdued, but there were some good pastel streaks.


This particular view amused me because the clouds and trees seemed planned out to not touch.


Another case of things seeming to line up.


Pretty squares.


I saw an otter swimming in that third square. Really strange that the second and third times I've ever seen otters in the wild were this week. And I saw cows! And one may have even seen me.

Someone found and moved the Podo again! I really don't get why the people who have moved it didn't read the labels first. If I saw something like that I'd definitely take a good look at it before reaching for it. At least this person did a better job putting it back. And didn't steal it.

I realized I didn't really want to go anywhere to try to see the eclipse if it was possible to see it from home, so I set a calendar item to remind me to have a look where the sun was at the time it'll start next week, plus at the time it'll be at its peak. From what I could see, the back yard should be a great place to set up the Podo that day. I'll do a practice one tomorrow and see what happens. Unfortunately, I'll be on a call at the time I'd really like to start, but I'll make do, and have a few more chances to practice. Since there were some clouds, I went ahead and made another video.


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