christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Practice was a good idea

Even though I had to start it a bit later than I wanted to due to a demo call I ran today, the practice run I did for the time lapse I want to do would have given me all the info I needed. If it had worked! Looks like I found a little bug in the software. I've never had a time lapse not start successfully, but today when I tried to run it with a 20 second interval, it took one photo and then stopped. And I didn't even know until many hours later when I went to transfer the photos over. It usually takes a while and has a progress window, but today it was instant. Funny that.

I've always been a pretty good troubleshooter and testing is one of my duties at work, so I started investigating. The software updated today so it didn't surprise me that it hadn't happened before. New release, new issues. So I tried a few more times on 20 seconds and got the same result. I should have tried different numbers of photos, but I always leave it on the most it can do and didn't think about that until later. Other amounts of time worked, so I'll just use a different interval. The limitation, of course, is battery life. I want as many frames as I can get so the final video is as good as possible, but if I do too many, it'll stop too soon.

That's why I'm glad I have three more chances to practice. I'm pretty sure I have the angle right, though. We have a cooler with wheels and an extendable handle, and using that on the lawn allows me to have more of the sky showing. Because the Podo has a wide-angle lens, it gets the house in the shot if it's too close.

The pool was nice and empty today. I'm curious why all of a sudden so many regulars aren't coming. It'd make sense if there was a holiday closer.

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