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Friday was busy and I didn't want to set up a time lapse anyway, so a quick walk was in order. Big Gulch isn't as close as most of the others, but it's not a long route, so it's perfect when you're in a hurry. And there's still a nice climb. The views are good, too.



The wastewater treatment plant is at the bottom of the gulch and there are several sewer vents along the trail. Some days, the smell isn't so bad. Friday, it was terrible. Thankfully you can't smell this picture.


I've yet to figure out why Big Gulch is so much fancier than Japanese Gulch. Maybe because it's because it's smaller so it wasn't as big of a project. But the trails are always shored up and when it's too step for just trails, there are nice steps.


Haven't been doing too many hyperlapses lately, but it was a good morning for one.

Yesterday we had to go down to Seattle so we could order a vanity, counter, and sink for our upcoming bathroom remodel. We wanted to get all the same materials that we used in the condo a while back, but ended up having to get a different color vanity. Of course that led to everything else changing, too. Such is life. At least we got to have lunch at our old neighborhood hangout!


We decided after seeing them there again that it's time for us to get a rain lamp.

When we got back, I processed my final eclipse time lapse practice run. I love that we have a gap in our trees that's exactly the right size and in the right spot. Cross your fingers!

For something new this morning, I put the Podo up high on a pole at the Future of Flight parking lot, facing the Boeing factory.


It's been a while since I swore off the southernmost trail at Japanese Gulch for being too scary, so I figured it was time to check it out again. It really wasn't so bad! Right up until halfway up the climb to the other side, which I came to this bridge.


Yeah, no thanks. I turned around and went up via the Rusty Car trail. Then I explored a big section I hadn't seen in a while, and was surprised how much easier it is to get around in it when the weather's been dry. And I'm curious if these X marks mean those particular trees will be cut down.


Of course, after finding a bridge that was in such bad shape and high enough up that I decided I wouldn't cross it, I found two very posh new ones near the residential entry, in spots that are so unnecessary.


Love this tree. It's part of a really strange area that I use as a landmark for the top of the Rusty Car trail.


A while back I found another trail on some property by the road but didn't get very far before being too creeped out by a shed on the property. But since it was a day to give things another shot, I checked it out again. It goes surprisingly far, and has some really pretty trees. And I got to eat some very tasty blackberries.


Much of the shed has collapsed and it's less creepy now. Looks more like a playhouse.


Pretty squares.


Lovely sky.


I like this time lapse and will definitely use this spot again. The flash of pink toward the beginning is really cool.

I'd kill for a little more battery power for the time lapse tomorrow, and even thought about hooking up an external battery. But if I do that, I can't use the case, and without the case, I have to worry about whatever I set up coming apart. So I'll set it up at a ten-second interval, watch for a while to make sure it hasn't spontaneously stopped, and hope for the best.


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