christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Starting the day off with great news

It's been a pretty cool day, with worrying about a long-term concern and a short term project both coming to an end.

And it's been interesting, weather-wise. Fog in the morning that blew away to reveal a nearly-clear sky just before the eclipse. But the best thing was finding this new sign down at the tank farm.


I've mentioned several times that I was worried about the impact the new ferry terminal would have on the walking path down there. That was based on all of the renderings I'd seen that just didn't include any place for a path to go. Well, that purple line that goes all the way across the diagram is a promenade, so if it's built the way the diagram shows, there will still be lots of walking to do. Only one path instead of a loop, but I'll take it! I'm well aware projects are subject to change, and that even if it's great when it's done, it'll likely be closed for a long time. But at least there's something to look forward to now.

I must have eaten 50 blackberries while I was down there. The entire area is a blackberry picker's paradise.


Pretty squares.


The fog was so neat that I stopped the car so I could get a hyperlapse going. Really glad I did, it got super thick.


And of course, we had the eclipse. It was neat, but it didn't get as dark as I'd hoped. I don't have any sort of special glasses or film, so the lens flare makes it so you can't really see the eclipse. But! There's always a small image of the eclipse in the flare, so the key is to just make sure that's visible in the photo. You can see it make its way across the video, too.


The shadows are really the more interesting part and I wish I'd thought to set up better shadow photos. A lot of people did great stuff with colanders and patio furniture.


I also got a lot of work done, and even wrote my next Live in Everett piece! I wish dinner would make itself. Our friend Nancy came over last night and we cooked steaks on the grill, so there's at least some tasty leftovers.


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