christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

For the birds

I didn't have high hopes for a time lapse today, as the sky was pretty clear with just a bit of haze to the East. I went to the marina, hoping maybe something a marine layer or something would surprise me. I was right, and the time lapse wasn't worth sharing, but I found a pretty cool spot to use in the future.

Glad I brought my sunglasses, it wasn't dark for long.


There's still a few herons hanging out where they recently hatched. I sent this photo to lisaloopner and she said these might be the last few of the babies who are reluctant to leave.


I'm really amazed I managed to get such a good video of this, they were really darting around.

There's such a great view of the Olympics from down there, but of course you can't get a very good photo.


I stopped to get a photo of these droplets and found a little snail!


A guy walking the other direction up ahead of me stopped and took a photo. I glanced over to see it was a seal he spotted!

Another nice bird-related moment I didn't plan.

Pretty squares.


After the Podo charged again for a while, I set it up facing the back yard on a one-minute interval. Mainly as a test to see if the one-minute interval is still working, but also because it's been a while since I did that. Fingers crossed!


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