christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

The old challenge returns

We're at the point again where it's pretty dark when I usually leave. Not really a big deal for most stuff. It makes the time lapse hard to set up, though. I can hold the phone in front of it and use the image on the screen for basic orientation, but it's hard to get it just right.

I was in the mood to see if the same parts over at Langus are still closed off for the Salmon project, and figured I could also get a cool time lapse of the freeway traffic in the dark. The overpass is right next to where the main construction staging area is, and there were tons of cars there. I normally just go on Sundays so it was weird to see it so full. I parked in one of my normal spots and followed the paved trail. I was excited because a sky like this can make for a really cool time lapse.


This is a spot that I've often wished was a trail. It wouldn't be safe during hunting season because it runs alongside that trail, but it would be cool if they opened it up the rest of the year. It's not normally cleared out like this, so maybe they'll do just that. Or maybe they just need a second point of access for the construction. Though, looking at satellite photos, it probably doesn't go all the way through.


Dramatic--but also subtle--skies.


It was dark for so long starting out that I cut some of the first part out. Didn't want anyone thinking it nothing but traffic in the dark and giving up before the best part. Definitely would have turned it a bit if I could see when I set it up.

For those who like them, here's a hyperlapse of the drive back.

And I'm so delighted by the new spot under teh weather station, I used it again this afternoon.


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