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These days, nothing wears me out quite like a concert. I was up until 11:00 last night because we didn't even get home until 10:00! But it was really cool to see Huey Lewis and the News. If my mom was still alive, it would have been so cool to bring her along.


We're watching Duets now, the infamously bad movie that's not as bad as I remember now that I'm seeing it again after all these years. I'll do catchemups tomorrow.

  • Movie cliche

    Person refuses to leave the hospital in a wheelchair even though it's hospital policy.

  • Movie cliche

    The danger in a situation such as a car chase is exaggerated by the presence of nuns, either walking as a group or traveling in a bus.

  • Movie Cliches

    - Person on foot is able to catch up to person in car by cutting through multiple backyards - Strangers who were just arrested are handcuffed next…

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