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It was just one of those mornings. The smoke's back, and when I set the Podo up on the fishing pier in Mukilteo, it wouldn't connect. I found out later the battery was dead, which was weird, because I left it plugged in all night. Guess it was a little loose or something. My throat's a little sore now, and I'm really glad my tattoo's healed enough that I can go swimming tomorrow instead of breathing smoke outside.

I at least got to eat a lot of delicious blackberries! There wasn't much to see, though. The tide was low, so I got an angle for this shot that I don't normally see.


Had a few good heron sightings today. They seemed braver than normal.


After a few laps, I decided to take the long way to the car through the woods. It'd been a while and it was nice there.


Had to throw away my shoes recently because of that hole that got poked all the way through by a sharp rock. Dirt was coming in through it and my foot would end up filthy, which was really annoying. I have one pair left of that kind, and have found their successor, the LA Gear Voyager. What I like about these is that they're cheap enough that the regular price is lower than the sale price of the last two models I bought.


I got both pairs they had in my size, plus a couple of pairs of another shoe to wear for general use. Those were on sale, and I had a coupon, so I walked out with four pairs of shoes for $85.

All of the pictures of people wearing eclipse glasses gave me an idea for time lapses. I ordered some prism glasses, cut the lens out of a pair, and put it in my Podo case. The result is pretty neat!

I'm looking forward to getting some prism-enhanced footage of sun with clouds, when they return. Here's another test from the back yard today.

Last night before bed, I finished the last episode of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. It was very intense, and I was so relieved that I had something short and light in my YouTube Watch Later list to watch before falling asleep.


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