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Do it anyway, it could turn out great

Today was surprisingly pleasant and overcast for much of it. The sky was a solid flat grey when I got to the swim center, so I didn't set the Podo up there. Had a very nice swim, though.

Working my way backwards through the Lip Locked podcasts, I've reached the end of the era when she was doing two-hour shows. Many of the stations where they aired only played the first half, so they're conveniently broken up into two one-hour halves on her website where I download them. Today's soundtrack was the first part of episode 294, and I really liked this song from it.

That's a good hour, and if you've got the time, you should have a listen.

Glad I wasn't the one at the swim center who made this discovery!


The article I wrote about gas station food for Live in Everett was posted today! I swear I'll have a post that's not about food at some point. In fact, I'm hoping to do an interview for one tomorrow.

I went outside to toss a watermelon I should have cut up sooner into the food waste bin and noticed the apple trees next door have suddenly done their thing.


The sky was a little less flat this afternoon, so I went ahead and set up a time lapse, which ended up being one of the cooler ones. There's no waste except for a few minutes of my time if one doesn't come out, so there's no reason not to go for it.

The sky looked amazing in a completely different way afterward, so once the Podo was charged again, I put it back up. We'll see what happened later.

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