christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Recharge, reset

Yesterday afternoon looked completely different than the morning. I was pretty surprised by the sky when I went to get the Podo after the second time lapse. Too bad the battery had died before this happened.


Still neat.

Last night I saw this article about construction finally starting on the new ferry terminal, and sure enough, when I got down there this morning, there were Honey Buckets for the workers.


I figured the crane that's been sitting in the water by the terminal might be moved, and I was right, but it was nowhere to be seen. Weird.


And then I found the official sign.


I spent more time on the Mukilteo side this morning since the tide was low, though I didn't go as far South as I could have since there was another dude hanging around and I prefer my solitude. That meant passing by the lighthouse quite a few times.


Gorgeous driftwood.


Today was the first time I noticed this sign, which is funny, because it was also the first time I found both bathrooms locked.


Good framing of info for the people who are the most likely to need it.


Lucky timing.

This wasn't the original spot I planned to use for the Podo, it was originally going face the other direction, from the end of the fishing pier in the video. But tons of people were fishing so I changed my mind. I think someone moved or at least bumped into the camera, but thankfully it was at the very end and I just edited it out.

The interview I hoped to do today didn't happen, but I've kept busy. Just finished lunch and now I need to finish some weekly chores. And I'm finally watching Bee Movie because there are always weird references to it on Tumblr.

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