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Jetty Island is a 2-mile long mad-made island that runs the length of Everett's Western waterfront. I see it all the time when I walk at the marina and have been meaning to go to it for a while now. There's a free boat over from July 5 through Labor Day, and I suppose the main thing that's kept me from going up until now is that the earliest sailing over is 9:45, a bit later than my normal outings. I'm just not a fan of the sun, what can I say? But lisaloopner wanted to check it out and I figured it was finally time to do it. We had to reschedule once because she had a job interview, but she got the job, so she bought me lunch before our trip!


Jetty Island is amazing. It's like a vacation destination beach, but close enough to do in an afternoon. We walked everywhere we could, checking out all the different terrain and views.


The island is a renowned destination for kiteboarding, which looks really fun.


I wish the season at Jetty Island wasn't so short. It's the kind of place I'd go all the time if there was a bridge I could walk across. The staff told us it's illegal to camp there, but I don't know if it's trespassing to take a personal boat over during the off season. Not that I have access to one.

Yesterday was a fairly typical trip over to Langus Riverfront Park and Spencer Island. I left the Podo at home in the dining room figuring the sky would be pretty clear, and it mostly was. There was some fog and clouds that were really pretty, but I checked on my phone's wide angle lens and confirmed the time lapse wouldn't have showed much if I made it.


Pretty squares.


The wildfire smoke wasn't really noticeable until sunrise.


I was happy to see the path that runs along the biosolids detention pond was open again. Or maybe someone took the sign. There was really no reason for it to be closed since there's another barrier at the end of it. The little birds are back.


And they've brought a crane to the habitat restoration project site.


Wish I could have gotten closer to this fog.


Since today's a holiday, I wanted to do something different, so I decided to drive over to Snohomish and walk a section of the Centennial Trail.

It's been on my mind lately because I saw the other end of it on my drive back from Mt. Baker recently. The trail is 30 miles long, and I'd like to do the whole thing. In segments, of course. Of course, that'll be 60 miles total since I always have to walk back to the car.

I parked at the aquatic center and hoped to get a time lapse in this foggy ballfield, but the Podo wouldn't start for some reason. Frustrating.




That section of the trail is serene but there's not a ton to see. Mostly the back of various nice residential properties. I like the part where Highway 2 crosses above.


A nice morning for sure, but a lot of driving, too. Funnily enough, I hoped to go to the aquatic center this week because my pool's closed for two weeks for maintenance, but Snohomish decided to do their maintenance at the same time. Kinda dumb.

Finally, enjoy Steve's little snores.


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