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After I posted yesterday, I felt even worse, and it didn't let up for another eight hours or so. So, two hours out in the smoke lead to 32 or so hours of feeling really awful. I'm still taking it easy, and haven't left except to go to the store. It feels very strange to go two days without a walk, but I ended up making good use of the time.

One of the cats peed in my room recently. This is another in a long line of pees and poops in the bathtub and random poop around the house. I assume it's Sam because he's getting old and we caught him peeing on a bath mat a while back. Just something you have to deal with, with a senior cat.

Terrible timing for the pee in my room, though. It'd be so great to open my bedroom window for some fresh air, but there's no fresh air out there. Garrett bought some air purifiers for the house, and the one in my room helped a bit, but it was really gross when I woke up this morning. It was still nice and dark, so I got a black light and had a look around. Garrett's parents gave us an old steam cleaner when we moved in, and I used it everywhere in my room today except under the bed because I don't think it happened under there. I also cleaned out the litter closet and put fresh litter in there.

A little Febreze is in order too, once the carpet in my room is dry.

Also in my room, an update I've thought about for a while.

Display update

After a year, I got tired of the other fillers in these containers and decided to just have the plants. I'm open to displaying a few objects in the bottoms here and there, but I like the way it looks now.

Here's another smoky afternoon time lapse. You can really see the layers of filth in the sky in this one.

Hopefully the smoke will let up a bit overnight because I'd really like to get out for a walk. I'll follow the recommendation from the app, though. If it tells me to stay inside, I'll probably do some yoga.

Another update I keep forgetting. A while back, I decided I wanted to try the QFC deli's lox and bagels even though I didn't expect it to be very good, and as soon as I decided that, there were never any out. A few weeks ago, after months of looking every time I was there, I found one. And they wanted $9.99! Bagel shops that make good ones don't even charge that much. Totally offensive, so I didn't buy it.

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