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Start in the dark and be surprised

It's important to be easygoing if you want to get into making time lapses. You have to learn to set it and let it happen, and come to terms with the fact that you may or may not have chosen the best angle, or the battery could die too soon, or any number of other things. Tomorrow's another day. Just try again. Today's is a perfect example.

Starting in the dark adds another layer of difficulty. I tried lining it up by looking at the lights in the preview, but as you can see, it's not quite there. Oh well. And if I could change it, I'd turn the camera East instead of North, because the fog opened up for a while to reveal a really nice pastel sky for a while.


Oh well. Tomorrow's another day. And at least today I got to see this.


Later on, I saw the truck again. A man and woman had it backed up against a taller area of land, I guess because they were going to try to drive it off? So weird.

I never noticed the lovely glass in the doorway at the Wyerhaeuser Muse before.


Love a good warning label.


This is the biggest snail I've seen in a long time and its trail is impressively consistent.


I had two surprisingly good heron encounters and managed to have the camera ready for both! Not sure if it's two herons or the same one twice.

And I had a very good idea for a time lapse today. It'll require some good planning and excellent timing, as well as finding the perfect location. But I'm very inspired to get it done.


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