christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Tide interrupted

On Wednesday I had a brilliant idea for a time lapse but it involved leaving the camera somewhere vulnerable for at least 13 hours, and since I didn't want to have to drive back over in the evening, the plan was to leave it for 24.

The inspiration? Tides. During my last walk at the marina, I looked at the docks and the ramps leading to them and was fascinated by the way they function. They have to move with the tides, so I wanted to document that, and the timing with low tide was good Wednesday. But when I returned for the Podo Today, it wasn't there. I called the marina office number and got voice mail, and rather than leave one, I emailed instead. And I got a very prompt reply right after 9am! A boat owner "felt it was pointed at his boat" which is pretty silly once you see the video.

This video represents 5:30am-10am, but without his interference, it could have gone as late as 7pm, showing the ramp going even higher, then halfway back down, and heading back up. Too bad.

Cute graffiti.


It was a gorgeous, albeit slightly understated morning.


There's also a new restaurant nearby that opened Tuesday!


I wanted to try it for lunch after picking up my camera from the marina office, but their credit card machine isn't ready yet and I didn't have enough cash on me. Looking forward to trying it soon.

Oh yeah, the guy who took down my camera also took it out of the case and put it in backwards so it wouldn't continue to get pictures. Decent idea on his part, but the case isn't designed for that, and it got jammed inside. It took a while to get it out and I'm really glad I didn't have to break the case to do it.

The employee at the marina suggested that I put my contact info on the camera, but I always figured if someone sees the camera and the signs on it saying to leave it alone, the only reason they'd want to get a hold of me is for a "reward" for returning it. Still haven't decided if I should do it.

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