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Snatched again

My weekly routine got all shuffled around so I ended up at the tank farm on Friday, with a plan to leave the Podo there all morning, go out for lunch, and pick it up in the afternoon.


They've moved trailers to the construction staging area.


And they've fenced in several of the former tanks. It was nice of them to leave a walking path for us.


They've also done this, presumably to stop stuff from washing into the sound.


Looks like some of the local teens aren't too happy about the situation. The abandoned building had FUCK CONSTRUCTION spray painted on it in big letters, and the wall along the walkway that's a shortcut across the loop had MUK IS FUCKED. And there's this.


It's going to be so strange when it's redeveloped down there. I'll miss the weird stuff.


One thing that's great about walking down there is you can cross the street and be in the woods. I like to end my walk there sometimes with a climb up throw the lower portion of the gulch.


Recently I got an email from informing me that some vouchers I forgot I had for a restaurants in Seattle could be exchanged because they were no longer in business. That was sure nice of them! I always figure a big part of the business plan for vouchers is crossing their fingers and hoping a lot of them just never get used. I got one for Buck's in Everett, which I've been wanting to try a while, and another for this bakery/wine bar, which I've walked by tons of times without ever noticing it.


My friends Kristen and Matt recently bought a new property out in Lake Stevens and I figured Kristen could use a break or at least a visit, so I messaged her and she was up for it. I wanted to finally try Ray's, a drive-up burger joint that I've heard a lot about, but it was mobbed, so I got us tortas at Tacobook.


Their new place is really cool. On a hill overlooking a vast expanse of farmland across the road, amazing views, lots of space to build her greenhouse. But they want to change every single room, so there's a lot of work ahead.

From there, I drove back out to Mukilteo to get the camera. The time lapse came out pretty great. I especially like the shifting patterns you can see in the water as the tide comes in.

Yesterday was a nice day hanging out at home with the boys. We watched several episodes of the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I saw every episode of Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise, but I know there are several from TNG I never caught, and I don't mind seeing the others again as we rewatch. It'll be neat to watch this as Discovery starts, too.

Our neighbors were away this weekend, so I figured it'd also be a good opportunity to put the Podo on the fence pointed at our house for a whole day. This represents 13.5 hours, which was all of the daylight.

I haven't gone to Japanese Gulch that much this summer and figured a visit there this morning would be nice, so I set the Podo up at the Future of Flight museum parking lot facing the Boeing plant, hoping for a nice sunrise. Then I parked at the business park, walked the access road a few times while the light came, then went up to the Western side via the Rusty Car trail. It's funny how there's no spot on that side to get a clear view across to the East side, this is typical of the kinds of gaps you see in the trees.


Over near the community garden entrance, there's a side trail to a pond I haven't taken in a long time, because it was really muddy for a long time. It was good today, though, and neat to see again.


Unfortunately, the Podo was gone when I got back. Hopefully I'll get it back, and if I do, it'll be interesting to see if the battery ran out before this all started.


I checked at the hotel front desk to see if they have a security patrol that might have grabbed it, but they didn't have it. The Future of Flight workers said they don't, but that I should check with the county parks department to see if they have it. I left a voice mail and hope to hear from them tomorrow.

Again, part of me wishes I'd put some contact info on it, but I still don't understand why someone would move something that says not to move it, but then call a number on it after doing that. Doesn't make sense to me. If it never turns up, I'll just get another. People ask me how I can leave it where someone could steal it, but as far as I'm concerned, there'd be almost no point in owning it if I didn't. I've gotten some good lapses from our property, but most of them have been out in public. And the Podo's a good choice in this case. Much cheaper than the GoPro and less desirable a target since there's no onboard controls.

We met up with Lisa today to see It, which was very good. I wish 2-hour movies had an intermission, though.

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