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575 timehops

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Excellent timing
575 CPO
I'm curious about how the ferry terminal project will play out week-by-week, so I wanted to go down today even though there was a big detour due to emergency road repair. And since we got a locking mailbox and can no longer leave outgoing mail in it, I brought along a DVD for Netflix with a plan to take an even longer route home and drop it off at the Mukilteo post office. A lot can change in a week!

It was an extremely gorgeous morning.


There's a new crane in the water right by where they've put up a barrier closing the trail.


All of the walls in the Western half of the tank farm are gone now, and that whole area is surrounded by a fence, which I took this photo through. They cut down a section of the wall by the fence, though, so we still have 2/3 of the loop to walk, and there's still access from both ends!


A slight twinge of regret when I saw that downtown was all foggy and I could probably have been in a lot of fog if I went to Langus, which I'd considered. The wall of fog was three times as tall when I looked back on my way to the car.


I got a hyperlapse on the way home today, and am so glad I did. I took the first part out of it, though, because the trip to the post office involved too many turns. See if you spot why I'm so happy I ran the dashcam.

That's a Dreamlifter taking off from Paine field! It deserved its own video.

Hair update.


It can't be a surprise that even without the Podo, I'm constantly trying to get good time lapses. I dig this one a lot. I realize the second half is much more interesting than the first, but I like to leave them intact when that happens so that those who watch the whole thing get a treat.

And a little interesting news came this afternoon. That road project finished today, ahead of schedule. That's pretty cool, since it would have affected tomorrow's plans, too.

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Are you just using a built in time lapse app or is it one you've downloaded? Looks good.

The hair is vibrant! It will also look interesting as it grows out. Will it fade do you think?

I used the regular camera video mode and then used Windows Movie Maker to speed it up. That's why it's more unwieldy, the video files are huge.

It'll be interesting to see what happens to the color; my hair never seems to hold color very long. But I've got the purple shampoo and conditioner, so hopefully it'll last longer than the last time when I did silver.

It's a bit worrying as she didn't lift all the way to platinum, so if the color goes, it'll be a bit orange.

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