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I was reminded of old standup comedy from Caroline Rhea today. She used to joke about the way her mom would go swimming without ever getting her hair wet, which is what I need to do now that I've got bright purple hair and want it to stay that way. Totally easy to do, since I just tread water for an hour when I go. But I normally like to go under a few times so I can slick my hair back, and had to make sure I didn't accidentally do that today. To help with that, I put gel in my hair yesterday, restyled it when I woke up this morning, and washed everything but my hair when I showered before and after swimming. I took another shower later on here at home so I could use my purple shampoo and conditioner. A three-shower day with no haircut involved!

After years of seeing this image on tumblr, I decided it was finally time to see the TV episode it came from.

That was my first time ever seeing an episode of The Hills, and it was pretty boring. But at least I've seen it now.

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