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Vacation, part 2

My favorite travel tradition is getting photos of Garrett in his "G Wave" pose at various landmarks. Here we are in front of the Mt. Rainier visitor center (out of frame to the left) with the mountain behind him. It's funny, the mountain is suddenly so much less impressive from that spot. Everywhere else, it towers above you, but at the space dedicated to it, you're just a touch too close to the top.


The view of the other peaks nearby is great from there, though.


A mostly-successful panorama near where we parked, featuring a tiny sliver of the car that came at just the wrong time.


On the way back down, you can get a really good view of the next section of road, plus what looks like the last landslide that probably had to be cleaned from it.


Meanwhile, back home, proof that Steve's ridiculously long legs retract.


Our cabin in Packwood was amazing. We only needed the two bedrooms on the ground floor, but there was a whole other bedroom upstairs with two double beds! There were other cabins nearby, but everything lined up nicely so that you didn't really see them from inside, and the view is amazing, even from the couch.


I didn't have a Podo with me, but the cloud action was so great across the valley, I had to use my phone to make a couple of quick lapses while we were there.

And there are a bunch of elk who visit often! Hover over for navigation to three videos.

I didn't realize at the time that this would be a theme.


It's so hard to do food shopping for a cabin. Sometimes rentals have a few things in them like oil, vinegar, and coffee creamer, but all we found in this one was salt, pepper, and steak seasoning. It occurred to me while there that a Blue Apron or Hello Fresh box would be so perfect in that setting. But even if I had thought of that ahead of time, we couldn't have done it for this trip since we had two nights in the hotel first. So instead, we had to think of some good dinners, and challenge ourselves to use everything up for breakfasts before leaving. Here's a procedural photo of my pasta-stuffed omelette.

Pasta-stuffed omelette

One last wide-angle shot of the front of the property before leaving. This gives you an idea of how close the neighbors were, but also how the terrain makes the proximity bearable. You can just see the edge of the hot tub, which we really loved sitting in. Too bad the cover blocked most of the view when it was open.


Garrett had the great idea of reliving one of his most exciting childhood field trips on our way back North at an amazing spot I can't remember ever hearing of. Northwest Trek is a really fun wildlife park on 723 acres near Eatonville. We got there just in time to have a quick lunch at their cafe before doing the tram tour, which gets you surprisingly close to some of their biggest animals.



And it's a gorgeous setting.


Those lynxes I posted a video of at the end of the last post were fucking when we got to their exhibit, which is part of the walking tour. Look how coy this one looks.


One last shot of Garrett before we got back in the van to head home. Really fun road trip and I'm glad we still have a few more days to hang around before we have to work again.



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