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Had to get away

It's the last day of our vacation, and even though I didn't manage to get any walking or hiking done while we were out of town, I did all my normal days since we got back.

Wednesday at Langus and Spencer Island was foggy, and still quite dark when I got there.


I took this because I've never seen the water so low by this bridge, but that may be controlled by the nearby facility so I'm not sure how interesting that really is.


I love when the fog is so thick that the path up ahead disappears.


Since I wasn't in a hurry to get back home, I also stopped by the Union Slough Park on the way back. The two walks combined made eight miles. There's not as much to see there, but it's neat to get a close look at this bridge.


It was foggy most of the drive home.

Thursday was a typical trip to the tank farm. My brain is still getting used to the shorter walking loop there, and it was funny when I checked my distance the first time. I'd gone 1.7 miles, but guessed it was 2, and the loop is .3 shorter now. It was weird to see one of the old stairways from the walls waiting to be hauled away.


It was a pretty, but clear day, which was fine because I didn't have a replacement Podo yet.




Miau/sproing, later on at home.

Garrett had a fly-in meeting Friday, so I took the opportunity to go further out to Lime Kiln Trail. I'd only been once before, and didn't do the whole thing, so that was the goal for the day. The replacement Podo I bought from Alan had arrived, and I brought it along, but decided to leave it in the car. The woods are really thick at the parking lot, and I wasn't sure I'd find a good spot close enough to there to put it.

It was really dark when I got there, so I waited 20 minutes before getting out of the car. There was only one other car there, and I don't think the guy sitting in it even hiked. I never saw anyone on the trail, and my car was the only one when I got back.


One of the stupidest complaints I've ever seen in a public forum was someone saying they didn't like the artifacts at the lime kiln, that they made it look like a junk shop. How often do you get to see something like that? So silly.


It's an easy and gorgeous hike, and it's pretty cool that it's only 20 miles from here. I recommend it highly, especially if you like moss.


And there are surprisingly good river views.


Right before the end of the trail, there's a little loop that takes you all the way down to the river. Perfect spot to eat my bagel.


River selfie/hair color check.


I took a photo of this sign to remind myself to find out more. It occurred to me a while later that the guy I talked to about the trail who has keys to the access road gates and does work on the trail was named Tom, and I bet that's a way to get to more easily get to wherever he parks. I wanted to check it out, but had no idea how far it might take me, so I'll see it some other time.


Floating trail heart and the spider who built the web it was caught in.


Cute baby ferns and a huge moss duck.


When I was nearly back to the car, I got poked in the heel, and ordered a multitool as soon as I got home because I had such a hard time pulling this thing out of the sole of my shoe with my fingers. It has a flashlight, too, which would have been useful for this hike.


Back home, I made my first time lapse with the new-to-me Podo. Thanks, Alan!

Yesterday I was the bartender at Garrett's fly-in volunteer party. That turned out to be perfect fit, because so many of those people have wanted to meet me, but the events aren't that exciting for me, so why not put me to work and let all the volunteers relax? I had a great time, and my signature cocktail was a hit.

I was the bartender!

It was a potluck, and someone brought chili that was the best I've tasted since we went to Florida. Here's the gorgeous sky at the airport, and the time lapse I made there. It starts off fast because I planned to use a longer interval for the whole thing, but I changed it to my normal speed after a while.


The reason I did that is dumb. I've had problems with the lapses stopping for no reason using various intervals, and I hoped to check if that happened, but now it doesn't consistently give the warning if you stop a lapse in progress. So, it hadn't stopped, but I assumed it did, and changed the interval. Oh well!

Today was a dark-but-lovely walk over at Langus again. I took this photo because, in real life, the clouds looked a lot like the clouds in my tattoo.


Can't really say there are many photo ops at the wastewater treatment plant in the dark, but if the water is still, it's pretty while you're there.


Nice layer of fog out toward Lake Stevens.


The sky wasn't super dramatic, but I'm still glad the battery lasted long enough to catch this part.


I'm surprised I haven't noticed this building-in-progress before. Wonder what it'll be.


On the way home, I finally stopped for photos of this sign. Glad they hadn't changed it yet.


And here's the time lapse. I cut out tons of dark frames at the start, and would have taken out even more, but I liked the vehicle going by.

Back to reality tomorrow!


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