christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Swing of things

There's a great view of the Southern sky from the side of our house next to the garage, and a perfect spot to put the Podo, too. I hoped to get the rest of the day until dark, but the battery ran out after five hours. This was with a 30-second interval, which makes sense; I think my record was 11 hours or so with a minute interval. Part of me thinks about adding a tab to my spreadsheet and keeping track of these things so I can set my expectations properly and know without any guesswork what the best interval is for what I want to accomplish. But maybe since I'm someone who has "a spreadsheet," I should probably just try to memorize and get a feel for it.

I didn't get the darkness falling that I wanted, but the sun's journey all the way across is pretty neat.

I was a little intimidated by the number of unread emails in my work inbox when I opened it for the first time in 11 days today, but I dove right in and kept at it until it was all under control. Some stuff I volleyed to other people came back while I ate breakfast, and I spent the rest of the morning on my turn, then went straight to the noon session at the swim center, which I don't mind doing when school's in session. It's a little weird to go when it's so much brighter out and a completely different crowd, but the main issue is that I end up really hungry and eating a late lunch due to the timing.

Earlier, I couldn't find Steve, which should have been easy because all of the doors upstairs were closed and I knew he wasn't downstairs. Then I noticed he was on an upper shelf in the lower linen closet, which Sam likes to open sometimes.


I played the first scene of Inhumans and decided there are way too many shows to watch right now and all of the new superhero ones can wait. Deleted the timer for that one and The Gifted. It was a 2-hour premier and it felt so nice to just delete it!


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