christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

You've heard about a walk in the park, what about

two walks in the dark?

Lately I've been pretty good about staying away from the thrift shops because I've certainly reached a point where there's a lot of stuff in the garage that's not on display, plus a bunch that's there and on the shelf in my room that I can use for air plant displays if I want to make any. A backlog of stuff, if you will. But while I'm not actively looking, my eyes are still open, and I saw a really cool lazy Susan on the Riverside Trading Co Instagram story Monday night. I might not have chosen to buy it if I also had to pay for shipping, but they offer free local pickup, which is a great deal for those of us in Everett. I made arrangements to pick it up off one of their porches Tuesday morning on the way to my walk, and it was waiting for me under her bench in a nice paper bag with some very cute mini business cards, along with a sticker that's now on my laptop.


Definitely check their Etsy if you like vintage stuff, it's amazing.

After picking it up, I headed to the marina for a nice walk around there.


I'm always one to roll with the punches, and the current one is trying to find interesting photos in the dark. Buildings help.


Impounded boats with funny names are another favorite subject.


I spent a lot of the morning one section of the marina over from a really cool fog bank. It was neat to watch it roll in and then back out just before I could catch it.


This heron surprised me by hanging around instead of flying away as soon as I grabbed my phone.


No dramatic sunrise, but at least the '80s colors were in full effect to the West as I headed back to the car.


Pretty squares.


I thought about making today a swim day, but went to the tank farm instead. Pretty soon there won't be any trace of the tank farm left and I'll have to choose something else to call it. The moon was absolutely gorgeous during the drive over and I barely managed to get a photo before it set.


Can't say I know why a crane needs this many lights on it, but it was dramatic and ridiculous.


IRL emoji.


I recognize this artist's style from elsewhere. They've drawn in the strange little structure with the unlocked door down closer to the water.


There were more seals down there than I've ever seen before. There was a second group like this one, plus eight or so swimming by themselves. The woman who walks two golden retrievers said there was also a dead one for a week or so recently, but thankfully I never spotted that one.

A while ago I had a great call with my boss about a new use for our tool for my old boss from two bosses ago. Thankfully I can do a lot of the work involved once it's ready, which will be good not only because I'll be in charge of it, but because I won't have to explain it to anyone, provide the in-depth documentation I normally have to create, or answer any questions about it. Lots of wins there for me.


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