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One mystery solved

I don't go to the marina twice in a week very often, but it was a perfect choice on Friday because I had a haircut scheduled at 8:45am. It's close, so it's easy to get back with plenty of time for breakfast before heading out again. It was quite dark, but the moon was full and bright. Enough that I decided I'd leave the Podo on the steering wheel in my car pointed that way instead of toward the West. Of course a big factor in that decision is that I assumed there wouldn't be much of a sunrise, or that I'd be gone too soon anyway.


First special I've seen in a while. That one sounds pretty good!


Turns out I was totally wrong about the sunrise. It was deep and dramatic for the last quarter of the walk. I even had an opportunity to get a panorama with a sunrise and the full moon.


I love when you can do shots like this with the moon.


And of course the best part of the sunrise was right when I got near the car.


Here's that setting moon time lapse. Simple and fun.

The haircut was my first in my barber's new space, which I really like. It's a little bit further away, but in the other direction. Neighborhood setting instead of on a busy street. Lots of windows and a good view of a neighborhood cat's adventures across the street. Looking forward to seeing what she does with the space.

After work I went back to the mall for another lunch and MoviePass movie. This time I had Panda Express for the first time in years, and saw Flatliners, which was great. People like to hate on remakes but I think they're fun. And there's really no bad outcome. It's either a good one, and everyone wins, or they turn out bad and reinforce the greatness of the original. I can barely remember the first Flatliners, and will definitely watch it soon to see how they compare.

But really, it was just nice to see another movie in the theater that wasn't Mother! And the mall parking lot was a perfect spot for another time lapse.

I set another one up Saturday morning while it was still dark, and encountered a trespasser in our back yard on my way back into the house. He explained that he hid his bag in our back yard because his stuff wasn't safe while he slept in the park. I asked him to move along and now we're finally looking at getting a fence.

I tried my best to set this up straight in the dark, but it's still a little off kilter.

This morning was nice out at Langus. The moon's still crazy bright.


As always, the place was a muse for me. I love rotating what I see there.


I took a photo of these ducks and was surprised how they were framed so perfectly on three sides. The one on the right was cleaning her feathers with her head down, and I didn't notice until I got about ten steps away, but I was able to line up the same shot again quite easily.


The construction barrier was pushed aside and I wondered whether or not that meant the trail was open again. Decided not to test out that theory and turned back.


Pretty squares.


I took the paved trail back to the car because I wanted the extra miles, and was surprised to find it quite busy. After a while it became quite obvious there was an event happening, and frankly, it was annoying. People were sitting on chairs right on the trail, and standing in the road and crossing it without looking as I drove out. There was even a truck that drove off the road and the tow truck that came to pull it out was blocking the exit. But I'm kind of glad because now I finally know what the event was that made me turn around and leave last year around this time. It's the Everett Rowing Head of the Snohomish Regatta, and I'm going to put a recurring item in the calendar to remind me to check for it every year so I know to just go somewhere else.

You might look at this Hyperlapse and wonder why I was so annoyed, but keep in mind that the video is 32 times faster than real life.

We had a nice brunch at Harvey's and then went to Lowe's for paint for our upcoming remodel. And I thought we chose a toilet while we were there, but Garrett's still looking into that.

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