christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Three fails in handy YouTube form

There were some nice fluffy clouds I could see from the back yard yesterday, so I set up the time lapse on the telescoping handle of our cooler out in the middle of the lawn. There was just enough room under the tree to get a good view of the sky with just a bit of our neighbor's roof and chimney showing, plus Garrett's weather station on the edge of our roof. But the clouds left, and the camera fell a bit.

I'm glad I developed a "win some, lose some" attitude about these, because there was an even bigger miss this morning. I parked next to the playground and faced the camera East, forgetting that the low winter sun is much further South. From the pool, I could see a very gorgeous and colorful cloud show, but the camera on my steering wheel caught this.

Yawn. Oh well. None of that compares to this afternoons fiasco. Sometimes I like to do a little grooming with body sugar that I make myself, and my among other parts, my foot tattoos were definitely ready for it. After doing regular body sugar several times now, I wanted to try making a batch of Arabic wax.

She makes it look so easy! It's really not. I'm honestly not sure if I cooked it long enough or let it cool long enough, but things fell apart both times I tried during the step where you grab it and handle it for several minutes. When my hands got too dry, it stuck too much, of course. But regularly wetting my hands seemed to add too much water to the sugar and make it too thin. After two attempts, I decided to just make the regular sugar. It was a little hot when I did my left foot, which ended up looking quite pink. Everything's fine now, but I was a little worried for a bit. But then I remembered seeing coworkers who got their eyebrows done during lunch breaks with pink streaks all around them for several hours after.


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