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More glass, more problems

I don't always get great results doing it, but it's so nice to set up the Podo on my steering wheel and not have to worry about it. It comes with new challenges, though. Yesterday I went back to the marina, left it pointing Northeast, and walked North in the dark.

The public boat launch is a popular place for seals to hang out these days, though I didn't see as many as I did last time. There are a few in this photo but I doubt you can see them unless you keep your monitor really bright. I knew that was the case but still loved the way the reflections looked in the still water.


The clouds weren't colorful, but they were active, so I knew the time lapse would be pretty cool.


This is pretty close to get to a heron and I'm amazed it didn't take off when I reached for my phone. It even stayed as I left!


Another impounded boat with a great name.


The video came out pretty cool, too bad about the dirty spot on the windshield.

I set another lapse up at a new spot in our yard yesterday on a 30-second interval. It got photos for about six hours, starting at 10:30am, and was another case where the sky didn't look that interesting when I set it up, but the results were really cool.

Of course I really wish it would have gone a few more hours, the last of the evening light was really pretty.


I did another from the steering wheel while I swam this morning, but it wasn't really worth putting anywhere but YouTube. It might have been ok with a regular lens, but the wide angle from the Podo showed too much tree and not enough sky. And then a leaf from the tree came along, which was pretty funny.

One thing I did with that video that I'll be doing with a lot of them is compressing the dark beginning so it goes faster. I prefer that to editing it out completely because sometimes there are lights and I'd rather be able to see them whiz by than leave them on the cutting room floor. I sent a message to the Podo support staff saying they should add a delay start feature and they actually replied saying they'd pass the suggestion on the programming staff! I hope it actually happens, it would be a great feature.

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