christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Video extravaganza

I spent my afternoons today and yesterday at the movies in Marysville. The Mountain Between us was really good, and Blade Runner 2049 was absolutely amazing. It's been forever since I saw Blade Runner and not only can I barely remember it, I remember thinking it was pretty overrated. 2049 blew me away. I'm so glad I'm seeing all these movies in the theater because these two specifically were pretty great on the big screen and it's nice to sit and watch instead of also playing with my laptop.

That theater is also a great place to go if you want to see some fall colors.


While I was away yesterday I nailed the second attempt at the view my camera fell down during the other day. The sky mostly cleared up for a while, so I sped part of it up, which you can see if you know to look for it.

And the drives out and back made for some great hyperlapses. Love these clouds.

The bad thing about Hyperlapse on the phone is that it can only do 20 minutes of video, and it can't do videos at the setting I normally use on the phone. The second issue is one that I address by using separate dashcam software, but I had to sacrifice some footage because of the first issue, which made me finally look into getting Hyperlapse Pro on my computer. When you go to purchase a license, you end up at a 404 error page, but by searching, I found out that if you open a support ticket, they'll just give you a license! I haven't tried using it yet, but I've got it activated on my laptop now.

There wasn't much to photograph this morning at the tank farm due to the darkness. It cracks me up how much they light this crane up, though. It wasn't on when I got there and I heard the noise when they fired it up.


This is an outtake for a black and white photo challenge I'm working on. I didn't like it in black and white, but it looks like it was lit intentionally, kind of like the nighttime driving sequence in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. That's just a street light, though. The original shot I wanted was the sign in silhouette with the streetlight behind it, but that didn't work.


I'll post all seven black and white photos when I'm done with the challenge.

It rained during Blade Runner which makes for a pretty neat time lapse. There's so much to see because you can watch the droplets grow and merge, plus each acts like a separate lens.

Now that I'm doing a lot of time lapses from my steering wheel, it's important to park where the view is unlikely to get blocked. Makes it look very lonely.



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