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Possibly a record

I'm not sure if I ever took exactly one picture during a walk at Langus before, but when I was there Friday, it was really early and dark. I took this one because it was neat to be able to see the light coming from Snohomish on the left and Everett on the right, as distant and faint as Snohomish is.


It rained a lot while I was there, too. I even think I felt a little hail! If I'm going to get soaked during a walk, Friday is the best possible day for it since all my gear gets washed. This was the first rainy hyperlapse in a while, and the first one I ever made with the pro version on the laptop.

I gotta say, if you watch the youtube version full screen, there's definitely a nice quality to it. I noticed it during the processing in the software, everything just has a crisper look than I'm used to. I can't imagine processing all hyperlapses on the laptop but I'll definitely do it for darker and rainy ones.

Just before sunrise yesterday, I set up another time lapse from the spot under the weather station. And I confirmed afterward that the dark spot you can see in the sky is unfortunately not one I can get rid of easily. It's not on the case or the lens, and someone who has a lot of experience with this sort of thing says it's probably something on the sensor inside. The Podo isn't in the price range where it makes sense to attempt to take it apart and have a look, and I don't have a good track record with that kind of project anyway.

Someone in Lowell posted on Nextdoor asking if it was really gunshots that they heard one morning this week, and without looking it up, I knew it was hunting season again. It cracks me up that people can move to a neighborhood right across the river from a spot like that without it ever occurring to them that legal hunting occurs there. I knew there would be a ton of annoying hunters at Langus today but I still wanted to go. It was still quite nice and the shooting didn't even start until just before I got to the car.


I even walked in a completely new spot! They've removed a fence at the corner of the biosolids retention area, presumably to allow construction traffic between the spot where the workers park and the other end. I used the wide angle lens here to show the spot where the fence was on the left, and the part I followed for a bit on the right.


The fence has been down a week or so, and the orange barrier has been pushed aside that entire time. The first couple of times I saw this I figured someone walking or running pushed that barrier aside and that I shouldn't cross, but now that it's been a week, I can't imagine the personnel working there hasn't seen it. If they wanted it closed, they've have pushed it back across the trail. My hope is that once the salmon habitat is completed, this will all be part of one gigantic walking path that encircles it completely.


There aren't many flowers and plants to see in that area right now, but the dead and dying ones make for some interesting shots. The second one has a really nice web that I couldn't get a very clear shot of.


I was beginning to think I wouldn't even see the sun, but I finally spotted it while getting into the car.


I don't normally drive this way back, but the fog was cool and I wanted to be in it as long as possible.


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